Mistake I open the entrance door, like I have been doing for the past 27 years of my life. Nothing new about it. I enter my house, sit on the chesterfield sofa to remove my shoes. I tuck the socks in my shoes and place it in the closet. I wear my flip flops , [...]


Me, me, me…..

A brown skinned girl with small black eyes.Locks of black wavy hair hiding innumerable thoughts that hit faster than the speed of light. In the era skinny  beauty,  the chubby cheeks  decorate her face and when she smiles with her not so pink , dark lips; they squeeze the eyes. It is tough to capture her eyes [...]

Me and You

You are my muse, I saw you in every hues, You filled my thoughts, together we were a crackpot. Your touch was titillating, your words were motivating, you kept me sane but together we did cocaine. I saw you as my man, But love to you was bane. Time has Witnessed us May one day [...]