Paradox speeches on beauty

I talk a lot  about women empowerment and the patriarchal society’s beauty definition  for women. But then I realized, while I have been blaming the society for the beauty standard, I am not being different either. Yes, I look at the skinny women and curse them for being fake and support the curvy women to be real; but even I have been hypocrite about it. I look at my photos and delete or hide some because I think that people are going to look at the pic and say I am looking fat or my acne is too visible or my boobs are too evident . But hey,  people’s opinion looking at my pictures or my physical beauty, is none of my business. I live on my terms and require no validation of their’s, right?

People can only see from their perspective. If a person is narrow minded to think that a woman looks good only if she is size 2, then it’s that person’s problem. He/she doesn’t have the brains to think that God has never designed us all the same way. Our finger prints are unique, so our life stories and so is how we look in other’s eyes. So next time you think your pics are not good or loved a dress and it doesn’t fit you , analyse! Are you really ugly or is it because of lighting that your picture hasn’t come out well or is it the photographer who focused the background and forgot you were in the picture. And is that dress really stitched for the common mass or for the unique you?

Beauty is just creating an illusion in people’s eyes.  You look at celebrity’s pic with #noMakeUp and feel envious about their skin. Ask them to take a picture with bad quality camera under dark lights. Will they still look good? Oh yes they will., because it is their inner confidence that shines out. No matter how prominent their dark circles are, they will still flaunt it. Because in the end, they don’t need validation from people about their beauty, they know their worth! So next time you feel ugly, flaunt it(unless it is indecent, nobody want to look at you running nose pics, euk!). Remember, make people know you, not just like you superficially. And if you have a running nose picture, laugh with everyone and delete the picture quietly behind the scenes.


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