Daily Prompt: Miniature

via Daily Prompt: Miniature

Looking at the stars from Earth, they seem small like a pebble but in contrast to it, we earthly livings are just spec of dust in the gigantic universe. Yet our imaginations are bigger, or at the very least, we think so.

It is amazing how scientists have discovered minuscule fragments such as atoms, protons and neutrons. These particles that are invisible to the naked eye, as a whole in unity, form into visible elements.It is fascinating how on Earth living beings as huge as blue whales and as small as ants co-exist. While  we smile in awe for our loved one, we cry for the lost of loved ones in the battle field. In comparison to living on a barren planet as Mars and Venus, Earth is paradise. Though it’s crowded, we find our solitude in nook and corners. In this ying yang world, you who think make no difference to this world, ponder upon sonder, everything lives as complicated as you and as vivid as you think the world could have been. In this vast world, you may just be a miniature, but that is just in comparison.



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