Me, me, me…..

A brown skinned girl with small black eyes.Locks of black wavy hair hiding innumerable thoughts that hit faster than the speed of light. In the era skinny  beauty,  the chubby cheeks  decorate her face and when she smiles with her not so pink , dark lips; they squeeze the eyes. It is tough to capture her eyes with camera because there is always a smile and the eyes disappear. You just get to see two dark circles that appear telling she was awake the previous night either partying or late night writing. Don’t be fooled into thinking she is a teenager with her petite physique.

Slightly childish for her age, this woman loves to be surrounded with colors. Maybe the bracelets decorating the hand or the color of her clothes tell that but her spirits brings them all out. She is often teased as radio, a speaker with no turn off button. The talks range from philosophy inspired by nature to sonder of people living around her. She is here trying to rhapsodize her ideas, engage you into a jam session and sing the poetry of life.


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