Adulthood crisis

via Daily Prompt: Panic To Ria, life has been generous. A normal family with normal friends having normal fun, just like all the teenagers; sneaking out from college, partying, occasional lying to parents, crazy goals of changing the world. This is what young blood is about, to have world revolve around them at their will. [...]


Artist’s love

via Daily Prompt: Silence      With years passing by, I have started relating myself to Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) from 27 dresses. Just like her, I have been the bridesmaid for few of my best friends weddings. Since they had married young, I have been happy with my life as single. Unlike Mindy from "The Mindy [...]

Flavors of life

O what fun is life to live with rules and regret the "could have", to be perfect and stress on expectations, to dress classy for 5 second fame, to be fragile and crumble from Murphy's law, to live timid and be eaten by fears, to be guarded and be safe from one's own mind. Life is fun to leave to [...]