Artist’s love

via Daily Prompt: Silence

     With years passing by, I have started relating myself to Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) from 27 dresses. Just like her, I have been the bridesmaid for few of my best friends weddings. Since they had married young, I have been happy with my life as single. Unlike Mindy from “The Mindy Project”, I haven’t juggled in relationships. I have enjoyed hanging out with couples as much I have with my single companionship. I have enjoyed shopping like Carrie Bradshaw, travel like  Samantha Brown(from Passport to Paris) and eat like myself (because I haven’t come across any foodie junk like me, yet)

     Crushes were crushed every time I encounter an artist. I envy artist’s muse. I wish to be captivated with his photographic perspective of world, drink in his colours of world,play the protagonist of their stories they seed in reader’s mind and be consumed by our melancholy memories.

      I do secretly suffer from histrionic personality dis order(being dramatic again!). I crave for just one seeker who can understand my cocktail mind, abstract speeches I make , my ever longing insanity thirst to experience life in awe and my narcissist take on how the world should be. I would love to sleep in his rhapsodic ideas of us and the world.

      I take a moment to be in silence for my unrequited love with these artists who have transported me in to a parallel universe. I have lost the magical carpet. I worry who will bring me back in to this dimension of reality; I hope he is a logophile and can prepare grandiloquent speech to get me back. Or maybe I will come across his painting that acts as portal, or a camera whose flashlight  teleports me here.



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