The Mind and Emotions

“Control your emotions, discipline your mind” famous words told by Snape from Harry Potter when he teaches Harry on stopping from Lord Voldemort to penetrate into his mind. While in the story, Voldemort literally penetrates in to the minds of his victim, in real life,  people ignorant to inner peace fall prey to emotional weakness. As Dalai lama says “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

Falling prey happens because we tend to become personal with people creating emotions. How many times have you agonized over your team’s controversial ideas or when people talk rash about your favorite football team or even when the other person simply states his opinion. That person has as much as right as you have to state his opinion, but if it’s bold, it hurts you. Why take it to heart when it’s just a conversation or his opinion. It’s not that your friend hates you for loving the other team or how will your team come up with a good product without brainstorming.

Emotions are hard to control and it’s even harder to not express it on your face. The pros of having a poker face helps gamblers and the cons makes you pile on to people’s expectations. Since they don’t know how you feel about certain things, they assume and expect a different story from what you really are.

So instead of letting other’s frustrations out on another person, it’s better to discipline your mind and not take things personal. To discipline mind is the toughest but with perseverance, one can overcome it. It’ll soon become a habit. To flourish, one needs to be strict with their habits because everything in this world needs time and compassion. To master an art you’ll have to be a slave to time. Only by ditching the idiot box(TV), you can date art,ditching unnecessary talks will enhance your knowledge, ditching rants and acting on the change will truly bring the change in you.

What comes easy goes easily. So spend time on your art, volunteer yourself to be consumed by your interests,  do not let your excuses come in between you and you art. Inhale it slowly and instead of chasing success, become efficient. Success will then follow you.


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