[Re]new you.

From commercial media to philosophy,  it’s all about love. But deep if you dig in, you’ll realize it’s  attachment. Attachment to comfort, to familiarity, to acceptance.

It’s the addition of these that sum up to love, between any relation. Attachment carries a bagged of detachment, isolation, fear of missing out, to stand alone, to be weird.

We all want to be different and unique; only to be captured by a heart that validate us, yet we follow the path the crowd leads and expect a singular result.

Tell me friend, why do fear to stand aside, letting the crowd be routine and you be wild; be the non conformist and for once, forget validation and live life.

Probably distressed for looking alike, there is a Chinese proverb “Tension is who you should be, relaxation is who  you are.” Nature has made you so, why  give the mere human the power to define you.

Hence let go of looks and meditate on your feelings, swing to the light. Illuminate your mind with Nikola Tesla’s wise words “There is no energy in matter  except that absorbed by medium. ” So choose your medium wisely,  renew your energy, distribute compassion and happiness to reap in the sweetness of life. Forget the norms, let go of  expectations,build new  solutions,break new inventions, know thyself.


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