Fashion Pollution

To pollute Earth is the new  trend. Phones last 2 years(every year a new sophisticated and better ph is launched), clothes are disposed as plastic bags( fashion changes more often than ever), easier to buy a plastic spoon than wash silverware, what’s handkerchief? N the list continues.  It’s fashion, an overwhelming passion to destroy Earth.

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Fast food-> fast fashion -> fast technology-> fast life = quick death. Though scientists are trying ways to keep human lifespan longer, why live in a world that is leading to apocalypse. These days, it’s easier to breathe in Air Conditioned room than in natural location.

Every consumption made is now leading to great destruction. That dress you bought, oh my, it’s lovely. But did you know you have just murdered someone in Bangladesh? Too dramatic? It so happens reader that that high end designer brand bought at low cost from discount stores is cheap for a reason. Because the labour put in don’t earn as much as they are entitled to. They work with no air circulation, just cloth dust that they see on for more hours than paid. They work in building with no emergency escape route and oh yes, they sleep miserably on hard grounds, coughing all night on their black hands due to exposure to chemicals used in our clothes that we wear and tear(I doubt clothes are worn till torn apart) as easily as we dispose plastic.

If the closet is filled, de-clutter it by land-filling. Because, my looks with new clothes are more important than using my brains to impress you or re-purpose my newly bought worn dress. But yes, antiques and vintage clothing are highly priced because they’re old as in ancient and out of production. And of course in fashion. It’s fashion to use ancient stuffs and discard newly made old( self made term to explain any item bought within a year) items. The vase your grandmother adored is stashed away in landfills but the ancient vase bought from respectable collectors or celebrity’s house is neatly displayed in your showcase for the eyes that don’t care genuinely.

Oh right, minimalism is the next upcoming trend. Minimalistic home(zen effect), minimalistic wardrobe, minimalistic eating ( healthy food made by companies under non healthy standards), nude make up( awesome, I don’t look good naturally, but with make up let’s create a natural face). Homes become minimalistic and garbage is disposed with no filters. Recyclable and non recyclable items dumped together to burned in tons which leads to global warming and then blame the govt for having us live in polluted place. And yeah crack jokes that weather has it’s mood swings like women’s pms. Don’t clean your house and dirty Earth. 

Readers, you are either an artist, a thinker or person with brains who values deep thoughts; that’s why you are here on WordPress sharing your art. You are inspired by nature but are also destroying it. Without nature, there won’t be clouds scudding around to imagine a face on it, or a pleasant night to cuddle with your partner, or breathe fresh air or photograph a scenic beauty or look splendid in clothes to express your selves. Let’s preserve what we have and nurture it. Every time you buy or dispose, take a moment to think of how it’s effecting you and your surroundings. If you can take steps, then the people around you will learn and it’s ripples will be carried forward. Slowdown consumption and dissipation. Enjoy time in observing and thinking rather than follow fashion who make money with your finance and emotion miseries. 

(Screenshot from Pinterest)


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