Comfortably numb

      I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware

The above lyrics are from Linkin Park’s Numb. There comes a time in one’s life, when we become comfortably numb with pain, it’s not giving up on life, rather not disturb our inner peace and strive for the goal.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. And with desperate measures comes superstitions and prayers. Carrying the same pen to the exam for good luck or the popular “knock on wood/touch wood” while telling something good that you don’t want to be jinxed or unlucky 13 (I pity the number). But among everything, one thing that has always been constant is the almighty, the creator, God, the universe; that super power which brings us hope. The power of prayer is helping us “hang in there”.

    Relationship with God is same as humans, when we are happy, we’re happy with God as well but when things don’t progress in our way, the belief is ebbed. Sometimes, even though the belief is diminished, we still pray because we don’t know whom else to rely on. I am not being religious or spiritual, just throwing light on that super power we all have believe on, be it luck or God, the fact that there is something greater and powerful than us is very soothing.


       Making fuss of circumstances gets no where, though at times venting does help, but that’s on rare occasions. Ok, lying, maybe not rare, but I detest complaining. Would rather just punch a wall or my bff and get over with it. The above picture is exactly me right now. Lot of turbulence in life, hope to sail through it quick.

With all rough and tough times that I have been through, one wisdom that always stands by is “This too shall pass” I do feel weak and cry, but then there I remember there is ice cream, wine and Bffs. The heart feels light when I hear others whining. There are many artists out there who make art from pain, some who turn their grief into passion. The most popular example are are the musicians, All the great songs, the rockstars with broken heart have come up with beautiful songs. My favorite being comfortably numb, pretty old but, I have comfortably become numb with the song and life 🙂

Here is the song,



Note to reader and self:    Let the pain go, the sun rises no matter what, so shall you. You’ll get your way back together, not today, not tomorrow, but someday, for sure. Till then, be numb.

via Daily Prompt: Mighty


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