Kara, Chapter 1

So being a 26 year old single woman means either she is ugly or just out of relationship. Although, I would not describe my protagonist, Kara as ugly ( God has created her as descent human being, thank you very much), she has two almond shaped eyes with brown pupils, a fat nose with chubby cheeks. The roundness of her face covers the fact that she has fat nose and big lips, not bee stung fat lips, neither are they thin. Oh, the hair, thick wavy hair, that stops right at the shoulders. Women with long hair, love to partially hide their boobs (or nipples if it’s a tight see through top) with long hair. But with Kara’s short hair, petite figure, everyone knows she has huge breasts. So basically, she has all the basic features of a female human, now it’s up to you to decide if she is pretty,average or ugly. And since she is created by an Indian, she is brown skinned 🙂

If you think ugly, please switch to next blog, for the rest, I’ll try my best to entertain you with my bubbly ,cheerful character-Kara.

As a known fact Women! (roll eyes), can have multiple emotions at once. Kara is no different. She kinda liked and despised this guy Mr Kiddo. Kara, under the influence of chick flick movies  like “Sweet November”, “A Cinderella Story” , where girls fall in love with guys who is a jerk at first but then he has this secret life unknown to his friends, which suddenly turns his character to a good one and since the girl now knows his secret, they gradually fall in love. So in Kara’s ninth grade, under such influence and peer pressure, when all her friends were getting in to relationship( teenagers beginning to respond to their hormones), she flirted with Mr Kiddo.  We are talking about the year 2003 when not every kid had mobile phones or wi-fi available at every store, Kiddo gave her a letter. Just as you all guessed, Kara assumed it’s contents were mere words of “I Love You”. A trace of red ink could be seen through the creases of the folded paper. Kara didn’t read it. Though Kara loves the idea of a handwritten letter mere words of just I love you and nothing more, clearly, Kiddo doesn’t know how women fall in love with words! She just pretended to have read it and just like that they started dating. More like speak for hours on the phones about people and their school days, cursing at teachers and jokes here and there.

Kara’s notes from her diary : A year later, love left us. Here is the thing, at the age of 14, in my opinion, boy hormones are at rage and girl hormones, well we were struggling with our recently found enemy- uterus which bleeds to death because we as a civilized society would not allow eggs to hatch in there.


So every time he wanted to kiss, I feared I would become pregnant or that I would contract any kind of oral disease. So there goes my first so called boy friend thanks to my fear. We could have been friends, I know he still loves me, at least that’s what the other kids say, but we ain’t talking anymore.



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