Kara, Chapter 2

The only thing that makes 18th birthday exciting is to get licence, to drive car or scooty. To non-Asians, scooty is a two wheeler bike that lot of middle class people drive on.


(Two friends can comfortably sit on it and if the cops are not around, three can fit in ūüėČ )

Kara got her new bike and she was happily driving around. But for guys, 3Bs come into picture- Bikes, Beer and Babes. So now it was time to get beer. So her guy friends took her out for beer. Kara feels as if she was selling drugs for the first time. Women drinking alcohol in India in 2011 wasn’t cool. This bar happened to be beside a popular clothing store. Now the probability of finding a friend/relative in a small city with few upscale stores in a populous city was high, at least when you’re scared. Kara avoided meeting eyes with anyone. Kara and her friends enter into a bar, which in spite of being beside an upscale store in an upscale environment, was downscale. It was pretty dark, which is good while drinking but for first timers, it’s shady. And looking at people, Kara regretted the idea of trying out beer in such place. But after few drinks, who the hell cares of the world. It’s beer, you and me ūüėÄ

Kara enjoyed her time, though beer changed to Jack Daniels with coke to vodka,tequila,gin, all kinds of shots, Kara loved it. With alcohol, also came love.


(Hermione is missing in this picture, oh wait! she is writing a poem. It’s at the end)

For two people to fall in love, if heterosexual, the ingredients are a man, a woman, emotion and time. Kara is a woman, enter Mr Punk. Now, punk is not a music genre, it’s also used to address a worthless fellow. And according to a weird logic, women are always attracted to irresponsible guys who care a dope about girls, but secretly want them. So with the same weird logic, Kara ended up liking this punk, who is a good friend. Just a good friend, who obviously wouldn’t be rude to friends. Kara misunderstood this friendly attitude as love. Mr Punk, studies in different college, so they get to meet rarely but since the world has upgraded it’s technology and everyone can now afford phones, they end up with late night chats. They’re chatting for two reasons; one- it’s only the time that Punk gets to attend to his message after doing good-for-nothing the whole day with his boy squads and two, according to a phone plan, one can send 1000 message free per day. So in order to get the phone plan’s worth, texting resumed.

So we have Kara, the girl, Mr punk the man, night-time and now,the emotion. Kara learnt a secret of Punk. While everyone thought of Punk as an average guy with good looks and a loser in academics, he had passion. He wanted to launch¬†a company of his own. So by 19, he started marketing as a sales person. This act of his was caught by Kara, when she was visiting her friend and Punk rang the doorbell to sell his stuff. So, a secret known only to Kara and no one else, not even to his girl friend(did I forget to mention Punk was in a relationship? part 2 of weird logic-unattainable guys are attractive), made Kara feel special. And that’s how love potion brewed in Kara’s mind.

Kara’s Diary:

Gottle Of Geer

We chill out together,

whatever be the weather,

all we need is a beer

and  cheers!!!!!!!

Open the bottle,

and there it becomes a gottle.

Pour in the glass without bubbles

because when you open ur mouth,

all you hear is troubles.

Some are strong they say nothing,

they forget your spillage

as long as you don’t spill their beer

else their anger is what you need to fear

for when you are drunk,

beer is preciuous,

We can do all it takes,

but cannot undo what it makes

We are all high,

and we are not shy.

We walk to the left

thinking it to be right,

but some how manage

and go to the garage,

We don’t drive till we become sober

and that’s why we are clever

 just one more to fill our cup,

We’ve all day sober to Sunday up

beer is plenty

glasses are not empty

bottles down

thumbs  up

higher we go

never we rue

all we need is a beer

and  cheers!!!!!!!



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